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It is a fanfiction based off of Cornelius Elementary, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School. Their mascot is a cougar.

In Mrs. Fitch's class, the students aren't just ordinary students. They fight, they name-call, they have trouble getting along, Ms, Gentry even labeled them as a disaster! Join the 3rd graders in their silly misadventures, in Cornelius School Daze.


Gabriela (or Gabby) Tessari

Marilyn Terbilcox

Hannah Edwards

Monica Alexander

Shkayla Bricecarr

Deontae Wade-Epps

Jack Hart

Ryan Burdick

Rogelio Lugo-Perez

People who sit at the other lunch tableEdit

Guadalupe Martinez Gomez

Libby Foley

April Slonim

Susan Roberti

Bo Brown

Andrew Kaseman

Adam Landman

Bradley Covell

Ethan Wandel

Davis Jorgensen

Alexa Keifer-Rodguirez

Kayla Lindley

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