Gabriela, Gabi,(spelled G-A-B-B-Y by her classmates), or Scraps, is a user on the wikis


She wasn't a user at the time she joined Wikia, she was a anon. Then, on July 1st, the anons mysteriously disappeared. Then, she created a account, ScrapsStitchedNSewn9, and created the Lalaloopsy Roleplay Wiki. There, she had a friend named AskSuzette101, and they roleplayed together, and encountered many friends along the way. In August-November, the fights came around. One of them was on the Lalaloopsy Land Fanon Wiki. Another one was on the Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls Wiki. Chris and Lenneh were banning all the fun stuff, and Lme insulted Suzette's OC, and the other members started joining in. After those fights were over, they met a new rival, Dazzling Chole. She was Suzette's former friends, but she turned into a bully, and insulted the two. Then, Chole ran away FOREVER! >:D. The new year came around, and Scraps and Suzette made it their resolution to make peace with the enemies, and they did. They also made new friends: 4evrstrawberryz, Cinderslippers, Cherrypie-cat, and Babypitamirage789.


  • AskSuzette101
  • 4evrstrawberryz
  • Chris
  • Lenneh
  • LalaloopsyESB
  • Lalaloopsyme
  • LalaloopsyAndMLP406
  • Moshifreak
  • Pinkbuttons
  • Aliethetheresian
  • BubbleSmackNPop500
  • Cookiez Rocker
  • GakupOliver19
  • Oriana2003love
  • KeithArnaultsFanon
  • TheLalaloopsyGirl
  • Lalaloopsylandvideos
  • Princessjewelsparkles
  • Cherrypie-cat
  • Cinderslippers
  • Babypitamirage789
  • Blanket58
  • Trinket98


  • Dazzling Chole
  • Caroline and Kate
  • Lamalalalulu
  • MarinaAnchors
  • BeaNOwl
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