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This wiki is all about me and my friends on Wikia. GabiAprilHaleyandScraps9, AskSuzette101, 4evrstrawberryz, Thelalaloopsygirl, Lenneh, Cherry Pie-Cat, Babypitamirage789, Cinderslippers, Cherryberry1456, LalaloopsyESB, Princessjewelsparkles, LalaloopsyAndMlP406, Aliethetheresian, BubbleSmackNPop500, Lalaloopsyme, Cookiez Rocker, GakupOliver19, Pepsicola45, Oriana2003love, Lalaloopsylandvideos (anon), KeithArnaultsFanon, MoshiFreak, Pinkbuttons, and a frenemy, BeaNOwl


  • No Cyberbullying
  • No yelling at someone
  • No bad grammar
  • You can take all of your stuff from your wikis and put it on here!
  • No long, long messages explaining
  • Helpful critique is allowed, but no rude critique
  • No calling someone 'tin brain' and 'hard head' because SOMEONE (>:() did this to my cousin once
  • No swearing and innapropriate content
  • No spamming up chat, or the forum.
  • No stealing someone else's popularity
  • No acting like a tyrant





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